Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FESA 2014: Clementine

I did not think I would knit anything for FESA2014, never mind finish anything in such a short time, but all those lovely knits on Outlander are firing my knitting brain into overdrive!It started when Meg pinned this great wooly item.  I immediately fell in love with the concept and headed over to Ravelry to sort out logistics in my head.  It was this photo that cemented my plan for me.

Cowl Shrug by Michelle Porter

It's simple, it's chic, and I think it has big impact.  Most importantly, it's warm!! Winter gets freezing here and I need to keep my core warm.  This wooly lady will certainly do that for me, and more.

I used some sport weight Wool of the Andes from my stash and knit with the strands held double.  I used 5mm needles for the body and cast on enough stitches for a boxy fit.  I wear a lot of layers in the winter and I wanted Clementine to be able to accommodate these easily.  I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the end result!

I made sure to stop and stretch a lot during this knit as I do not want to re-injure my shoulder.  The yarn held double and big needles helped this to be a really quick knit, which was also a kindness to myself.  I love the vaguely 80's cropped sweater look!

The 'lace' in the body and sleeves is just simple knit and purl and eyelet stitches.  I did originally have it in the cowl, too, but ripped it back as it didn't look right.  I have one precious skein of pure angora in my stash and added it to finish the cowl.  I can freely admit I was scared to death to wet block this as I didn't want to destroy the fluffiness of the angora, but it turned out really well. 

Now, if it would only cool down enough for me to wear this!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm a Pan Am Stewardess!

WTH is that squirrel doing up there?!

This is my newest make and I love it! I also closely resemble a Pan Am stewardess.  No? You don't think so?  OK, let me take off the scarf....


Ladies and gentlemen, your exits are here and here....

See it now? Ha ha!  All jesting aside, I do love this dress.  Earlier this summer I bought 3 yards of stretch linen which turned out to be very s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y; seriously the stretchiest woven I've ever worked with! It's so fabulously stretchy that I did the Mena Test and can easily get this on without a zipper! Woo hoo!

Please pardon the wrinkles!

I used Colette Patterns' Laurel dress, which is one of my favourites, and I added the pockets from the Ribbon Shift Dress.  It takes me about 3 hours from start to finish to make and always fits comfortably. The fabric sewed up beautifully, so much so that I wish I had had the foresight to get more in different colours!

I wore this dress to work today along with one of my new favourite things: leggings! It's gotten chilly in the mornings, much too cold for bare legs but too hot for tights, so leggings are a great compromise.  Thank you, Target, for having such soft cozy cotton ones in great colours! The brooch is one of my favourites from Luxulite.

The infinity scarf is a prototype I'm testing out.  I made it from my fabric scraps and flannelette from my stash.  It was just enough to keep the chill off.  I'm also trying out a button version, too. 

This dress is so comfortable and easy to style, that I'm counting it as an unofficial FESA2014 make.  I know this will become a wardrobe staple for me; it is very easy to layer to work for the cooler months.

* * * * *

What's on your sewing table?
Have your started on your FESA2014 plan?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Outlander Knitwear


Ham sandwiches, am I enjoying Outlander! As I'm in Canada, I've only just seen Episode 3 and I am loving every second.  My lovely family has completely understood my need for solitude for watching the series and have blissfully left me in peace.

There are subtle changes from the book, but they are done well.  They haven't caused me to shout nor shake my first at the television, so I count that as a success.  Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are, quite frankly, brilliant as Claire and Jamie.  Their chemistry leaps of the screen, don't you agree?

On  side note, Tobias Menzies is giving me the willies with his portrayals of both Frank and Black Jack Randall, my two least favourite characters.  He's done a wonderful job of capturing the underlying distastefulness and sadisticness, respectively, of both characters.

What's blowing my mind, besides Claire and Jamie, the fantastic scenery, etc, is the knitwear! Isn't it gorgeous?!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has fallen for Claire's knitted cowl/snood.  It looks so fabulously squishy and warm that I know I will knit one for my fall/winter wardrobe.  Several enterprising people have already posted their own patterns on Ravelry.  I am just going to wing it with mine.


Another knitted item I love are the arm warmers.  As most gowns on the show have elbow length sleeves, arm warmers are pretty necessary for life in a drafty castle, methinks.  I love that deep greeny teal Claire's wearing.


I love the simplicity and elegance of her 18th century costumes. They really accent her natural beauty, yet still give her a bit of distinction from the rest of the castle inhabitants.  Lady Leticia's costumes have quite caught my eye, not to mention her gorgeous red hair!

Pollyfoofoo offers free Outlander-inspired patterns in her Ravelry shop and on her blog.  

Claire's caplet knitting pattern is offered here for $3.99.

I've started a Pinterest board to keep track of the lovely knits seen in Outlander.  I will try to include links to patterns whenever possible.